5 Problems to Avoid when Remodeling your Aurora Home

1. Design Doesn't Meet Budget

It can be tempting to find a designer or architect to design your new kitchen or bathroom and then take that design to a remodeling company to implement construction. However, this can be a big mistake. Not every designer understands the cost involved in the construction process and going over budget is not uncommon. 

A good solution is to hire a company, like J&J Construction, that employs both designers and builders. Choosing a design/build company means that you are hiring a team with a designer, engineer, and architect all working as a team to stay within your budget. They end up avoiding many potholes along the way and are more likely to stay within budget. 

Naperville Kitchen remodel Sue.jpg

2. Choosing the Lowest Bid

Request detailed bids always. Many low bids leave out details and too many homeowners end up getting charged more through out the process. It is frustrating for the job to cost more then the bid simply because a contractor over looked issues or didn't plan well. Asking for bids not only helps you evaluate price, but it also gives you insight into how well a company plans the project.

3. Material Substitutes

I hate to say this happens too often. but it certainly does.  Do you know the difference in framing materials or the the right insulation R factor that is suppose to be used? Ask questions, get educated, and get it in writing. (see below)

4. Signing a Weak Contract

We can't say this enough: "PUT IT IN WRITING"! A contract is beneficial to you and to the remodeling contractor. Your understanding or how you interpreted the conversation might be different then what a contract states with details.  

5. Going with a Company with No Warranty

Did you sign a contract? Has the company been in business a while? There are usually warranties with the manufacturer, but did you know you should be getting a warranty on the work. Find out what is covered under your contractor's warranty.  Check references before you start, and find out if from them if the company is good on their warranties.