A Naperville Bathroom Remodel that Took Just 7 Days!

Before encountering J&J Construction of Illinois, many of our clients consider bathroom renovations as little more than pipe dreams. They’re tired of outdated fixtures and leaky faucets, but renovation seems too intimidating, too time consuming, and too costly to undertake.

But what if we told you our bathroom remodel rate is typically $7,000 less than the industry average? What if we told you we could transform your space in seven days? What if we told you we can save you time and money without compromising quality? What if we told you we just did all of this for one of our Naperville, IL, clients? You’d probably want to see the proof. Here it is.

Before J&J Construction 

Before we entered the scene, this bathroom was clearly in need of some TLC. The cabinetry and countertops, not to mention the bulky bathtub, were all outdated.
The tile was chipping, and the grout was discolored. There were gaps between the countertop and the backsplash as well as gaps between sections of the cabinetry itself. The materials were cheap and the installation even cheaper.

Brown - Master Bath - Before (7).jpg


After J&J Construction 

Now, after our seven-day construction, this bathroom doesn’t even look like the same space. We began by gutting all the old fixtures, including the bathtub, the tiling around it, the floor tiling, the cabinetry, the sink, the countertop, the mirror, and the lighting. In their place, we laid a wood-representative tile floor that transitions smoothly into a walk-in glass shower. The shower itself is much more spacious than its previous counterpart, but because we eliminated the tub wall between it and the flooring and because the glass extends lines of vision, we were able to make the entire bathroom feel more open and less cramped.

Brown - Marketing1.jpg














The shower features three kinds of prcelein tile, two matching neutrals that offer variety by their size and texture, and one accent strip that provides an interesting color pop. A built in tile niche, a polished chrome shower head, and a built-in grab bar add to the shower’s high functionality and cutting-edge style. 
Turning our attention to the sink, we see a much higher quality cabinetry complemented by a bright HanStone Quartz countertop, a modern Kohler faucet,  and an attractive lighting fixture that provides bright and clean lighting.


Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about this bathroom renovation is that, even with only seven days of installation, there is still great attention paid to details, both in materials and installation.
Notice, for example, that the shower handle, the cabinetry drawer pulls, the lighting mount, the showerhead, and the faucet all match stylistically. Beside this, every component has been carefully installed to ensure that all lines are plumb and level and all materials fit snuggly. Nothing has been overlooked.


Closing Thoughts

If your bathroom is need of fast, radical, and high-quality transformation, call J&J today. We give all our clients free quotes, and we give them to you in writing because we believe that trust starts up front. We can complete most standard bathroom remodels in seven days, and if you want to witness the quality of our handiwork in person, we’re more than happy to invite you into our showroom. These are just a couple ways we’ve earned our customers’ trust and consistently favorable reviews over the years.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to us to tell us about your project and your goals. We want to be your go-to Naperville bathroom remodeling company.