Bathroom Oasis in Naperville, IL

When long time clients, Ken and Clev of Naperville could no longer handle sharing a single bathroom with their kids, they gave us a call here at J&J Construction.  The only full bathroom in the house was a Jack and Jill bathroom that connected the master bedroom and the hallway.   Although not ideal, this is a very common design in homes built in the late 80s.


Blueprint, jack-and-jill bathroom



The objective of the project was to create 2 separate spaces within the existing footprint of the current bathroom, making it a much more enjoyable space for their family and any guests.   


Incorporating 2 full size bathrooms inside of 15 feet of space led to some pretty exciting design ideas.  The family’s desire for a more modern, minimalist space was perfect for the limited area.

As you can see in the above blueprint, by positioning the 2 shower units on the adjoining wall, we were able to save a lot of time in the build out. This was very important because as it was the only full bathroom in the house.

Not only did it save time, this design also saved them a substantial amount of money too. By not having to run plumbing into separate areas of the space, we were able to cut down on labor and the cost of material,  leaving ample room in the budget for their selections process. 

Selections Process

Installing a high efficiency TOTO Neorest toilet was a great feature to help create a clean and inviting space. These high tech, ultra-sleek toilets fit in perfectly with the modern, minimalist vision the family had.   

toto neorest toilet, high efficiency

toto neorest, high efficiency, sleek toilet


Another design feature that helped make the bathroom lighter and more modern was the decision to use complimentary tile throughout the floor as well as on 3 of the 4 bathroom walls.  This created continuity within the space. It also makes for easy clean up and maintenance which is a plus for any family.    

Master Bath, Shower Conversion

For the Master Bathroom, the couple chose to use Marvel Pro Grey Fleury 12”x24” tiles for the floor and complimentary Mayfair Volakas Grigio 12”x24” for the shower and walls. By inlaying a beautiful vertical detailing using Debut Thundercloud Random Strip Glass they were able to add a nice accent without overpowering the space.  The tile selections as a whole really helped highlight the veining in the St. Lucia Granite that was used for the countertop and shower pieces.   

Mayfair Volakas Grigio Tile

The Hall Bathroom used a very similar design idea.  Marvel Moon Onyx 12”x24” tiles were used for both the flooring and the wall, which was complimented nicely by the Man About You Silverizing Tile we used as a wall accent and Steel Rock Granite on the countertop


Storage Selections

Shifting focus back to the Master Bathroom, the addition of the Novatto Oval Vessel Sink helped make the space feel complete without having to add additional decor.  This was also a great way to utilize the counter space.  By having a single sink in the master bathroom, counter space could have been an issue.  But with this raised design and ample storage space in the Bertch Lighthouse Matte Finish Cabinets, there is plenty of space for getting ready in the morning.

Novatto Oval Vessel SinkNovatto Oval Vessel Sink

Final Thoughts

“Ken and Clev have been great clients and friends for many years.  Being able to give them the space they have wanted for so long really is a great feeling.  And being able to fit everything they wanted into such a limited space was fun to design.”

Joe, owner of J&J Construction

Bertch Cabinets, Novatto Oval Vessel Sink

Stay tuned for our next project where we converted a single bathroom into 2 beautiful full bathrooms! 

And remember no matter the project, J&J Construction’s experienced Design-Build team will guide your dreams to reality, every step of the way.  From the first conversation to the final walk through, rest assured your remodel will be an enjoyable, stress-free experience.  Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.  


Happy remodeling!

Joe and the Team at J&J Construction