Remodeling your Aurora Bathroom? Why You Should Consider a Walk-in Spa Shower

Confessions of Jacuzzi Tub Owners

We are seeing a growing trend in the bathroom remodeling business. The big beautiful luxury tub, that everyone wanted several years ago is now being requested to be removed. Why? It took the entire hot water tank to fill, it took over an hour to clean it, and you had to be so careful with the products you added to the water, among other reasons. We hear confessions like, "I never use it" or "It's such a waste of space" and "I don't have time for this."  

We are all busy today. When you want to unwind relax and have a moment to spoil yourself a Spa Shower is just the place.


Step 1: Customize for Your Space


Ideally a spa shower requires 36"x36" space per person.  A typical hinged door requires a 30" clearance.  A standard shower head can spay up to 4 feet.  Do you plan to sit, stretch or lay down in this structure? Many walk-in showers are custom built and are designed to your specifications. Door type, square footage and spray direction can all be customized. 

Step 2: Consider the Walls and Doors

Glass walls and doors are very popular.  Do you wish for more privacy yet want to keep the airy open feel? Etched, textured or frosted glass might provide privacy while still providing an open feel. Subway tile, quartz, porcelain,  granite, stone, wood panel, ceramic, or glass block are some of the many choices to create the look and feel that is right for you.

Doorless options are particularly popular for people with ambulatory impediments providing easy maintenance. Grab bars are not just for the elderly, think about long term needs and resale value.

Step 3: Choose from Endless Flooring Options

The feeling under your feet is important to many. Many popular choices include wood paneling providing a sauna-like atmosphere, river rock pebbles giving a beach ambiance, or a highly textured feel to give piece of mind and prevent slipping.  Maybe raising the walk-in shower with steps will be what gives you the feeling of stepping into your personal retreat.  While others will choose the door less shower entry.

Photo Sep 03, 11 46 15 AM.jpg

Step 4: Choose a Shower Head Option

Whether it be programmable shower controls or the flip of your wrist, you are in control when it comes to choosing the way the water flows.  Duel shower heads can keep the romance in your bathroom, while body sprayers/wall jets are a delight after a good workout at the gym. High pressure shower heads, waterfall/Rain shower head, or a massaging shower head can absolutely change your mood in the shower.  If you like it hot, a steam valve will be a perfect match for you. The hand-held shower head is a favorite addition to any fixed shower head.

Step 5: Finding Lighting to Fit Your Needs 

A good bathroom plan has three types of lighting, general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.  General lighting (or ambient lighting) provides an area of overall lighting to a room.  Task lighting provides light for a task such as grooming. A good example is sconces along side a mirror.  Accent lighting  can create visual interest and drama to a room.  A can light over the glass block wall partition wall reflects the light beautifully. 

Step 6: Make it Personal....details count

Sometimes it is the little details than are best for creating the right ambiance.  Water proof speakers or a shower head by Kohler "Moxie" with built in wireless speakers, is a great way to make your shower a personalized retreat.

Another way to personalize your shower is by requesting recessed niches perfect for shampoo or soap. Not only is it great for easy reach, but it can create a safer shower. A quick tip to consider is to make some niches taller for liter size bottles.  What are your needs in the shower? Maybe a mirror to shave with? Maybe a ledge would be ideal to rest your foot on while shaving. Would a heated towel bar be the epitome of luxury?  A bench might be the perfect thing to help you relax and soak up the steam.