3 Reasons NOT To Ignore That Weird Noise Your Toilet’s Been Making in Your Downers Grove Home

You first notice it in the middle of the night, stumbling out to the bathroom, a weird draining sound that barely registers through the haze of sleepiness. The next day, maybe you’re in a rush to work and hear the same noise again after flushing. But you don’t have time to deal with that right now! And so the next week goes by with similar excuses piling up until one day you come home and there’s water leaking across the first floor of your house.

We’ve all been guilty of this – ignoring a problem that we don’t want to deal with. This is a classic human response, especially in home repair scenarios when facing an expensive or inconvenient problem. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem always makes it worse.

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Here are a few reasons why not to ignore these signs:

  1. Noisy Toilets Are Smoking Guns. Toilets that make noise are generally doing so for a reason: most commonly, it’s a sign that your line could be leaking water and costing you money in the extra days or even weeks that you continue to ignore the problem. Not only is weird toilet noise annoying, it can also harm your home, damage your appliances, and spread like wildfire. A gurgling or whining noise can also be indicative of a problem with potential blockages – which leads to backup and overflow, another classic water waster and bathroom damages. What we’re saying is, either way, it’s not a good sign and you should get an expert opinion to rule out the risk of further issues.
  2. Toilet Damage Is Expensive. The repair costs could increase as time goes on - while you wait or hope that the symptom might go away on its own you could be racking up a serious bill. Something that starts out as small and relatively inexpensive has a better chance of becoming very problematic as time goes on. And you’ll be wishing you could rub a magic lamp and go back in time to start dealing with everything sooner. Hindsight is always 20/20 and we understand better than anyone the temptation to procrastinate on home repair. But it’s a costly decision that you’ll probably end up regretting.
  3. Water Damage Is Even More Expensive. By ignoring the noises in your toilet, you could cause other damage within your home – far beyond the bathroom itself. When water gets out of control, it tends to cause problems very quickly. Water damage can be extremely severe and threaten the basic integrity of your home’s foundation. What begins as a localized issue could spread throughout the floorboards, walls, or ceiling of your home, increasing the risk of more expensive issues you’ll have to deal with.

Talking to one of the Downers Grove, IL bathroom remodeling experts at J&J Construction will allow you to realistically assess the issue, and put your mind at ease with a solution that works. Call 630-904-8500 and get an expert opinion about the best steps to take for your specific needs.