5 Awesome Action plans for a Plainfield Bathroom Remodel

It might be Halloween season but your budget shouldn't scare the scarecrow, You can have a bathroom remodel that makes Dorthy click her heels. Goblins and good fairies aside, here are 5 easy-to-use steps to keep your new bathroom remodel in Plainfield fast and stress-free.

1. Stick to a plan

A Plainfield bathroom remodel takes time, the planning stage should take as much time as well.  Once you have a design in mind, many more ideas and inspirations can pop up, such as, is hooks or a towel bar preferred for this bathroom remodel? It can be hard not to make changes after production on a bathroom renovation has begun.  Keep in mind some changes cost more after the construction begins, such as restocking fees, or return cost.  While others changes just add additional expense to the project. And many changes can potentially cost more after production has begun, due to additional shipping cost of material, additional supplies needed or costs created due to adjustments made with the contractor's team.

2. Keep the same foot print

Keeping the same footprint means that the plumbing and electrical fixtures remain in the same place. If you keep the plumbing and electrical in the same places, this will significantly reduce the expense of the entire bathroom remodeling project. If you decide to add more electric outlets, following the same layout will help, as long as there are enough amps for the room's needs.


3.Clear the air

Exhaust fans are better than ever nowadays. When choosing an exhaust fan, Some features you may need to consider are airflow capacity, CFM, size, Noise and sone rating, ventilation method, special features, efficiency, color, finish, and lighting capabilities. Be sure to check the duct work above for proper installation and city code requirements.  Bathroom fans need to be a minimum of 50CFM, and 1.5 sones is the best choice.  

4.Make lighting a priority

Too many consumers fall in love with the look of a light fixture only to realize it isn't bright enough, it casts shadows, or the bulb is hard to replace. Before you buy anything, look at watts, consider what you need (make-up/hair) and where to place the fixture. There are 4 main types of lighting. Task lighting is nicely done in sconces on  each side of a mirror creating shadow less illumination. Accent lighting helps to bring attention to a particular feature or fixture in the room. Decorative lighting is popping up in many bathroom pictures in the form of a chandelier.  And Ambient lighting is the "fill in" light source, giving brightness to remote area of the room.

5. Think about storage

Medicine cabinets are making a come back, but they are not being used for medicine per se. We are seeing toothbrushes, make up, and miscellaneous toiletries fill this space. I recently saw a magnetic chalk paint on the inside of one cabinet. With the desire to keep the bathroom clean and clutter free vanity cabinets are taller and larger giving more drawers and space. Armoires, additional wall units, niches and shelves can be a great option. However before choosing a medicine cabinet, a vanity cabinet, shelves or hooks, stop to consider what you need them for. A shelf that isn't deep enough to hold your towels would  be a disappointment, if that was what you needed to store.