6 Concepts to Customize The Most Private Room, A Master Bathroom Remodel in Naperville

We all get anxious to start once we have the money saved and the plan in our head. We understand, remodeling your master bathroom can be exciting! Before you get started, here are 6 ways to customize your master bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful room in the home.


1. Storage and User Friendly Access

Here are questions to ask yourself. What are you planning to keep in the bathroom? Do you like everything put away or out and organized for easy access? Do cabinets or shelves work better for you? When working with a home remodeling company, discuss with them what storage options are perfect for you and your lifestyle.

2. Remodeling for Aging in Place

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you are probably thinking you will stay in the house for awhile. There are things we may need in years to come or someone in your home may need. A grab bar can blend in with the other fixtures and it will not seem like a hospital room addition, especially when placed correctly. A wheelchair accessible shower can be as simple as a curb-less entry and a built in bench. An open design will help to make things feel less institutionalized. And don't forget a handheld shower head in addition to the standard shower head. 

3. Be Careful Chasing Trends

Home fashions follow the runway fashions. When looking at the trends of today, wall color and accent pieces are easily changed and updated. Other things such as cabinets and bathtubs are harder to update, so conisider classic, timeless designs. (Some of us can remember Grandma's blue bathtub that lived way past it's time.) Faucets and fixtures are easily renewed, as well as wall colors and decore. 

4. Materials for Easy Maintenance

Tile is easy to maintain and comes in every price range and style. There is a trend in larger tile which creates less grout lines and is easier to clean. Check out the 12x24 stone tiles. Granite and quartz counter tops create clean durable surfaces that radiate elegance and beauty. The Devonshire line by Kohler gives superior quality at affordable prices, while delivering timeless beauty in multiple finishes.

5. Consider Lighting and Electricity Before You Begin

Do you have any natural light? Do you put make-up on in the bathroom? Do you blow dry your hair? Do you need light in the shower? Where you place your light fixtures, how much light you need, where and how much electricity are all decisions that ideally need to be considered in the beginning of a bathroom remodel.

6. Sharing a Bathroom? Features to Help Keep the Peace

Sharing a bathroom is not an easy adjustment. However, there are choices you can make to keep the wedded bliss, or sibling love. Duel sinks, larger showers, separate niches, and personal storage space are some of the ideas we suggest to our customers. The choices for faucets, and accessories are endless. For couples that don't mind sharing, duel shower heads may be one option that will solve the argument. 

Hire the Right Remodeler

Now is the time to slow down a moment. Having an experienced detail oriented skilled remodeling company is more than worth it. Don't rush the process and hire a company that you can absolutely trust to provide a positive experience. Mistakes, regrets, and changes are never enjoyable.