Bathing Luxuries in Batavia Il.

Bathing used to be thought of as a necessary chore. With today's active lifestyle, however, people welcome the idea of slipping away to a serenely beautiful bathroom where they can relax and indulge themselves in luxurious surroundings. 

Innovative products, designed to enhance the luxury bathing experience, are continually introduced. Multiple-head "super showers" may include such amenities as adjustable overhead shower-heads, ultra low flow body sprays, vertical jets for body massages, and personal hand held shower-heads. Super showers can be equipped for steam as well and may even provide an aromatherapy attachment.

  • 8 hydromassage jets can be individually adjusted for water flow and direction.
  • Variable-speed pump for adjusting massage intensity.
  • 8 effervescence ports deliver gentle, caressing bubbles.
  • Chromatherapy lighting allows you to select a preferred color scheme to suit your mood.
  • Built-in heater.
  • Lighted keypad.
  • Remote control.
  • Generous 6-foot length provides spacious bathing for up to two people.

Features to Consider

Jets and bubbles. The whirlpool tub lives on, abetted by:

  • in-line heaters that warm water as it circulates, preventing heat loss
  • silent motor technology that greatly reduces the sound of the jets
  • multi-speed settings to adjust the vigor of the jets
  • foot massage jets mounted on underwater footrests
  • bubble-only jets providing warmed air throughout the tub
  • micro-bubble jets that fill the tub with champagne-like effervescence

Chromatherapy. Underwater LED lights change color to suit your mood. From peaceful pink to soothing blue, the choice is yours.

Music. Resonant speaker panels attached to the tub send sound through the water so you can feel the vibrations on your skin. Sync to the playlists you have on your computer.

Digital controls. Make it all happen with a built-in touch pad—control temperature, jet direction and flow, color and music.

ADA compliant. Common sense guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act make tubs safe for everyone. They include non-slip floor surfaces and wide edges for sitting and easing into the tub. Walk-in tubs are especially designed for those with limited mobility. A hinged door allows easy access, then seals shut while the tub fills.

The bathing experience does not stop with the bath, however. Bathers can step out of the bath and have immediately at hand a cozy, pre-warmed towel with which to dry off. Available in a variety of finishes and designs-even custom designs-towel warmers add style as well as comfort to a bathroom.

Televisions and Aromatherapy choices have also made an impact on the bathroom industry.  

J&J Construction is here to help you navigate and make this your personal oasis.

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