In Just 7 Days, You Can Move Your Bathroom Forward 20 Years!

Most of us understand things change.  What we thought was a great idea 20 years ago seems out of place today.  Do you remember when those giant whirlpool type tubs were a good idea?  Sure, we all thought we would use them every day.  In reality, most of us didn’t use them once a year

They used ALL the hot water in the house, were difficult to get into, impossible to clean and on top of all that we found out that mold and bacteria would grow in them!  Sound familiar?

By far the most popular change our clients make is to get rid of giant tub and install a beautiful custom shower.  When we remodel/redesign larger Masters, it is very typical to keep a tub.  The new tub is usually smaller, non-jetted (soaker) and never the center point of the bathroom.  Of course we couple the new tub with a large, custom, open shower. But what do you do when you have a typical bathroom that doesn’t have the space of todays large Masters?  Most people opt to remove the tub and install the shower they always wanted.  We see this often in both master baths as well as hall baths.  Believe it or not, you can create a bath oasis in much less space than you thought.  Take a look at this amazing bathroom remodel that we completed in about 7 days.

Before Before

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