Is Your Shower Frustrating Instead of Relaxing?

Shower trauma is real. The chipped tiles, the worn out grout that never quite sparkles, a shower fixture that doesn’t have good water pressure or that hangs too low so that you always smack the back of your head when you’re rinsing off – it can get frustrating! These details might seem minor, but they make all the difference in your daily comfort. If you’ve had to deal with them in your own life, you know they can be stressful and annoying in the extreme. Here’s how to take action on your Naperville, IL bathroom remodeling and empower your shower!


Why You Deserve Better:

  1. You Use Your Shower (Almost) Every Day.

    This is a huge reason why shower repair is so critical. You use your bathroom on a daily basis. Having the shower you want optimizes comfort, satisfaction, and safety. As time goes on, the integrity of building materials is susceptible to natural wear and tear. In a slippery environment like your shower, you need to think of safety first and eliminate the risk of tiles falling, rust or jagged fixture putting your family at risk. Updates aren’t just for looks – they serve a critical purpose.

  2. Better Efficiency Means Better Savings.

    Updating any fixture that uses so much water is better for the environment, but that’s not the only place you’ll see an improvement. Your utility bill will also reap the benefit of shower updates. The longer you neglect the update, the more money and water gets wasted every day. The average person takes a shower every day, and uses about 17 gallons of water each time they do so! You can invest in more energy efficient fixtures, increasing the resale value of your home and also keeping money in your pocket that would otherwise be spent on high water bills.

  3. Showers Should Be Relaxing.

    Many people confirm that having a nice shower (like in a hotel or spa) elevates their mood, increases relaxation, and there is a host of other benefits to good, clean showers. For instance, you eliminate harmful elements like rust or mildew and ensure a safe bathing experience for you and your family. Over time, using a shower that isn’t up to par can leave you feeling frustrated or anxious, and possibly expose you to harmful materials. Life is full of complications and annoyances, so why not take charge of the few things you have within your control?

J&J Construction can help you fine-tune your shower, improving the experience and making your water bill blues go bye-bye. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from improving water conservation, lowering your water bill, and getting a nice hot shower for your reward. We’ve been in the home improvement business long enough to know it’s a decision you won’t regret. Give us a call at 630-904-8500 and get more info about improving the shower in your bathroom today.