Keeping your home Clean and Healthy during your Naperville Remodel, with BuildClean Air Scrubber

Small machine with big results

We are standing out from the crowd, while defining ourselves as different. You might have noticed the small red machine that looked like just a vacuum. This unique machine that was designed just for construction, helps us care for you and for your home. "BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne job site dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space." (from

This compact size monster....air-scrubber.png

This compact size monster can reduce up to 90% of the airborne dust. "If your contractor has a dust control plan, you’ll see this red BuildClean Dust Control System in the work area. Why? Because that contractor cares enough to preserve your livability during a major remodeling project. With BuildClean, the contractor can virtually eliminate all workplace dust, preventing it from drifting throughout your house during the project." (from  Getting the job done better than ever is our priority. Although this "liitle machine" comes with a big price tag,  J&J construction feels our customers happiness is that important! 

Designed especially for remodeling pros

Big Red, as it's commonly referred to, gives us the ability to keep the air cleaner, and reduce dust for our clients andkeeps our Team working. The 360 degree design will capture dust from all around. We will protect your health, your pets and your belongings from the extra fine particles that are inevitable with any home remodeling job. Be pro-active and put a stop to the dust storm.