How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

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There is little question that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Whether it’s the social hub where family and friends gather or a work center where homework and other projects are completed—the kitchen is the nucleus of the modern family’s home. Because of this, the kitchen is often the driver and focus of home renovations.

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But remodeling your entire kitchen can also seem very overwhelming and time-consuming. It can be a bit of a Catch-22 for homeowners, because it’s the very significance of the space that drives both the desire to make it your dream kitchen and the difficulty in making that dream a reality due to the many big decisions involved in remodeling a kitchen, not to mention the challenge of figuring out how to get by without your current kitchen while the remodel is underway.


At the end of the day, if you or anyone you know has ever taken on a home renovation project, you know one thing to be true: They can be highly unpredictable, expensive, stressful, and time-consuming.


So, how long do most typical kitchen remodels really take? In a recent Huffington Post interview, Tom Silva, General Contractor for This Old House, heeds this advice from his many years of experience: “In the best case scenario, [it will take] one month if you are lucky. Realistically, two to six months should be planned for.”


But what if you simply don’t have that kind of time? With J&J Construction’s 24-Day Kitchen program, you can have your kitchen completely remodeled in just 24 days for prices starting at just $39,999(some restrictions apply).

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An excerpt from the 24-Day Kitchen Blog.

 “In approximately 24 days (3-4 weeks), you can have a brand-new kitchen with all the desired amenities: cabinets, counter tops, sink, faucet, appliances, back splash, and paint. We are not talking about painted or “re-surfaced” cabinets… no, we are talking high quality, semi-custom cabinets from Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry. Tons of door styles, wood choices, paints and stains to choose from. No longer do you need to spend $50-75K on a kitchen either. 24-Day Kitchens has packages starting as low as $39,999 (some restrictions do apply). Our suppliers and vendors are very excited about this new program and want to help us really kick-start 24-Day Kitchens so for a very limited time, we are able to offer you an amazing $5,000 OFF this already shockingly low price. We MUST restrict the discount to the 1st 10 people who sign up. Consider it our Grand Opening present to you.”

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Here at J&J, we understand the gravity of planning for a kitchen remodel. We realize that homeowners have unique and important concerns when it comes to these projects, not least of which are time and budget. Many homeowners come to us wanting to have their dream kitchen completed by a specific date—say, in time to host family for the holidays—so it can be an especially anxiety-inducing project for them. After all, we’ve all heard horror stories of renovation projects gone awry—dragging on and on, going way over budget, and causing added stress, headaches, and time constraints to the homeowners’ already busy lives. So, deciding who to hire for your kitchen remodel is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.


With J&J Construction’s 24-Day Kitchen program, you can rest assured your project is in the right hands. J&J has always been committed to providing high quality work in a timely, affordable manner. We love making our customers’ home improvement dreams come true—and our 24-day Kitchen program is just one more way we live up to our core values and our promise to meet and exceed customer expectations.


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We’ve also created a custom eBook to help you on your kitchen remodel journey. Designing your dream kitchen involves many choices. Maybe you've had the details solidified for months, or perhaps you're looking for suggestions. No matter where you are in your kitchen design process, translating your ideas into reality is a challenge. Download our Kitchen Design Guide and learn all you need to know about remodeling your kitchen.


Then be sure to contact the J&J team to learn more about who we are, how our streamlined home renovation process works, and why we’re the best company to hire for your kitchen remodeling project.

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