Unlicensed "Contractors" Ruin the Fun for Everyone

In 1992, Joe Censullo founded J&J Construction with the goal of reversing the negative experience so many people have with contractors. “When I quite my engineering job and started in the home-improvement industry, I saw that very unprofessional, inadequate ‘companies’ were servicing the remodeling business,” he says. “Truth be told, they were.

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How Tariffs are Affecting the Cost of Home Remodels

Are you considering a major home improvement project — perhaps remodeling a bathroom or the kitchen? Then be prepared for some potentially alarming news, as the Trump administration’s new $200 billion in tariffs could mean higher home remodeling costs. New estimates from the National Association of Home Builders indicate that of the 6,000 items.

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Cash or Finance: How Should You Pay for Your Next Home Remodel Project?

If you’re ready to start planning for your next home remodeling project, congrats! This is an exciting and smart investment for homeowners, and that’s something to celebrate. However, it’s easy to get carried away by the allure and excitement of these projects. So, before you get started (and risk “getting ahead of yourself”), it’s important to.

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Kitchen or Bath: Which Should You Remodel First?


When it comes to home remodeling projects, kitchens and bathroom tend to be top priorities for many homeowners. While it would be great to have the ability to do both right away, that’s rarely realistic. Whether due to time, budget, or other restrictions, homeowners often have to take these projects one at a time. So, the question we often.

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Grand Opening- 24Day Kitchens

Following on the amazing SUCCESS of 7-Day Baths, J&J Construction is very proud to announce the Grand Opening of our New industry changing kitchen division called

24-Day Kitchens

We realize that many of our clients don’t need (or want) a fully customized, rip it down-to-the bare studs, relocate everything, kitchen remodel. Some just want to.

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Bathing Luxuries in Batavia Il.

Bathing used to be thought of as a necessary chore. With today's active lifestyle, however, people welcome the idea of slipping away to a serenely beautiful bathroom where they can relax and indulge themselves in luxurious surroundings. 

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Lighting Outside the Box, in Oswego Il

Remember the days when the standard procedure for lighting a kitchen or bath was to hang one lonely fixture from the middle of the ceiling? You would always be working in your own shadow. Later, recessed can lights installed around the ceiling perimeter became the solution. These lights brightened the room in general, but the kitchen.

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How to Check Your Remodeler’s References in Wheaton IL.

Finding the right remodeler can be difficult. Going through website after website and visiting all the showrooms for examples of their work, to just find someone who can design the right bathroom is a difficult thing to do on its own. When the remodeler is found, and the examples are great, customers often will do little for themselves when it.

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The Pros and Cons of Converting a Standard Tub into a Walk-In Shower in Naperville

Bathtub to shower conversions are among the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling today, and walk-in showers are often on the checklist of features prospective home buyers seek. On the other hand, permanently getting rid of a bathtub can be an intimidating decision to make during your bathroom remodel in Naperville, IL. Today, let’s take a look.

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A Brief Guide on Flooring Options for Your Home

If you’re preparing for home remodeling in Naperville, IL, it’s extremely important to know your options. No matter what room you’re remodeling, you’ll want to understand the pros and cons of various flooring selections to enhance the success of your overall remodel. Today, we’ve assembled a list of the most popular flooring options and.

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