6 Essential Hacks for Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel is one of the most common home renovations for home owners in Villa Park, IL, but it also one of the most stressful. These easy hacks from J&J Construction will help simplify your bathroom remodeling project.

 Hack#1 Determine What You Want

Look at magazines and photos of bathrooms to decide what style, materials and.

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3 Secrets to your Ideal Bathroom Makeover

So you want to remodel your old bathroom, and you’ve been planning to get it done for several years, but somehow you can’t get your project off the ground. Something is wrong! Here are our 3 insider secrets for a stress-free bathroom makeover, one that is ideal for you! Think of this as the ultimate hassle-free bathroom remodeling guide, a map.

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Questions to Ask Before Remodeling your Bathroom

Why do so many people in Glen Ellyn, IL drag their feet when it comes to remodeling their bathroom?

Well, for one thing, it’s not exactly an easy job. The good news is that bathroom renovation should not be a complicated process. In fact, asking yourself a few important questions can really simplify your bathroom remodeling project.

After you.

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Bathroom Remodeling 101

Bathroom remodeling in Wheaton, IL is an enormous investment, and while it requires a lot of thought and effort, this is no reason why it should be a stressful process. Your bathroom remodeling project can be an enormous benefit, and has the potential to improve your home’s value as well as your own convenience. This is why we have created.

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Master Bathroom Upgrade

Amazing Master Bathroom Upgrade

This month's Spotlight project is a complete transformation of an outdated, poorly designed, very typical "master suite" that many of you probably have.  When our clients decided that the bath needed remodeling, they were determined to make sure that an open layout was priority #1.  Also on the list was more.

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What do you do when you live on a lake but don’t have a nice room to enjoy the view?  Well you add a beautiful new Sunroom of course.  Look at this amazing finished room for the Temple family.  They were referred to us by their friends the Emonds, who we happened to build a sunroom for a few years back. This large 400 sqft plus room has.

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Amazing Kitchen Upgrade


J&J is known for some spectacular Kitchen projects involving moving walls, installing structural beams & headers and adding 100’s of square feet onto the back of the house. They certainly are impressive, but also very expensive. We have noticed more and more Kitchen remodeling being done within the existing footprint of the home. This is.

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A Bathroom Designed to Keep the Kids Happy and Peace in the Home...All Completed in a Week

Most of us have children who have to share a bathroom. It’s never easy, one wants one thing and the other wants something different. Arguing ensues over who gets to use the sink, counter space is a premium...you know the drill. And let’s be honest, no one.

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We love kitchen remodeling.  

 It is the one room in the house that is used every single day AND can be seen from almost every space on the first floor.  Most clients spend many years thinking of their new kitchen before they even contact us.  Years and years of living in the old space teaches you what changes you must make to be happy.

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Bathroom-Only Showroom

Our new Bathroom-Only showroom has opened to rave reviews and accolades from clients.  It is conveniently located right next to our main Design/Build showroom.  It boasts (4) separate and complete bathroom set-ups, many different Kohler fixtures in all the available finishes, hundreds of cabinet samples, high-end tile.

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