Unlicensed "Contractors" Ruin the Fun for Everyone

In 1992, Joe Censullo founded J&J Construction with the goal of reversing the negative experience so many people have with contractors. “When I quite my engineering job and started in the home-improvement industry, I saw that very unprofessional, inadequate ‘companies’ were servicing the remodeling business,” he says. “Truth be told, they were.

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How Tariffs are Affecting the Cost of Home Remodels

Are you considering a major home improvement project — perhaps remodeling a bathroom or the kitchen? Then be prepared for some potentially alarming news, as the Trump administration’s new $200 billion in tariffs could mean higher home remodeling costs. New estimates from the National Association of Home Builders indicate that of the 6,000 items.

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Cash or Finance: How Should You Pay for Your Next Home Remodel Project?

If you’re ready to start planning for your next home remodeling project, congrats! This is an exciting and smart investment for homeowners, and that’s something to celebrate. However, it’s easy to get carried away by the allure and excitement of these projects. So, before you get started (and risk “getting ahead of yourself”), it’s important to.

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Kitchen or Bath: Which Should You Remodel First?


When it comes to home remodeling projects, kitchens and bathroom tend to be top priorities for many homeowners. While it would be great to have the ability to do both right away, that’s rarely realistic. Whether due to time, budget, or other restrictions, homeowners often have to take these projects one at a time. So, the question we often.

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How to Check Your Remodeler’s References in Wheaton IL.

Finding the right remodeler can be difficult. Going through website after website and visiting all the showrooms for examples of their work, to just find someone who can design the right bathroom is a difficult thing to do on its own. When the remodeler is found, and the examples are great, customers often will do little for themselves when it.

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10 Need to Know Terms when Remodeling your Wheaton Home

Although it’s exciting (and often necessary), it’s no secret that taking on a home remodeling project comes with its challenges. You need to make seemingly endless decisions around design, construction, budget, and everything in between, but if you’re new to the renovation scene, those decisions are made extra tough when you factor in a new.

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5 Questions every Remodeler wishes Clients would ask when Remodeling your Lisle Home

One of the best things you can do to ensure your remodeling project in Lisle goes smoothly, is to treat your relationship with your contractor like you would any other relationship. After all, this is a person to whom you’ll be entrusting a significant amount of your time, money, and, of course, your home.

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5 Problems to Avoid when Remodeling your Aurora Home

1. Design Doesn't Meet Budget

It can be tempting to find a designer or architect to design your new kitchen or bathroom and then take that design to a remodeling company to implement construction. However, this can be a big mistake. Not every designer understands the cost involved in the construction process and going over budget is not.

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6 Concepts to Customize The Most Private Room, A Master Bathroom Remodel in Naperville

We all get anxious to start once we have the money saved and the plan in our head. We understand, remodeling your master bathroom can be exciting! Before you get started, here are 6 ways to customize your master bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful room in the home.

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Master Bathroom Upgrade

Amazing Master Bathroom Upgrade

This month's Spotlight project is a complete transformation of an outdated, poorly designed, very typical "master suite" that many of you probably have.  When our clients decided that the bath needed remodeling, they were determined to make sure that an open layout was priority #1.  Also on the list was more.

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