Project Spotlight: Amazing Bathroom Remodel in Aurora Il

J&J Construction was hired to remodel two bathrooms. The master bathroom we are featuring here, had a lot of wasted space, limited storage and an awkward placement of a window. The customer wanted to keep the original footprint to save money and keep the project  on a short schedule.  

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Project Spotlight: Master Bathroom

Every company loves repeat clients. This month we spotlight a Master Bath remodel for a Naperville client that we first started working for over 20 years ago. This gorgeous remodel was done with all the “Must-Haves”.

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TILE TILE TILE... Creating a Statement in your Downers Grove Home Remodel

Borders, Backsplashes, and Beyond

Adding a splash of Color to any room in the house with a tile border or accent wall can quickly update the home. Tile is one of the hottest trends in homes today.  Tile comes in thousands of choices, colors and styles. Glass tile can reflect the light and add a shimmer to your room. 

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Trending Faucets and Finishes for your Aurora Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

Design Element

One thing I find so fascinating about the fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom is the instant feeling it can provoke from seeing, touching or listening to it. Have you ever walked into a bathroom and the faucet was hard to turn on or it was corroded and rusty looking, maybe it surprised you when the water splashed at you? Have.

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5 Awesome Action plans for a Plainfield Bathroom Remodel

It might be Halloween season but your budget shouldn't scare the scarecrow, You can have a bathroom remodel that makes Dorthy click her heels. Goblins and good fairies aside, here are 5 easy-to-use steps to keep your new bathroom remodel in Plainfield fast and stress-free.

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Keeping your home Clean and Healthy during your Naperville Remodel, with BuildClean Air Scrubber

Small machine with big results

We are standing out from the crowd, while defining ourselves as different. You might have noticed the small red machine that looked like just a vacuum. This unique machine that was designed just for construction, helps us care for you and for your home. "BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne job site dust by.

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Amazing Kitchen Upgrade


J&J is known for some spectacular Kitchen projects involving moving walls, installing structural beams & headers and adding 100’s of square feet onto the back of the house. They certainly are impressive, but also very expensive. We have noticed more and more Kitchen remodeling being done within the existing footprint of the home. This is.

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A Bathroom Designed to Keep the Kids Happy and Peace in the Home...All Completed in a Week

Most of us have children who have to share a bathroom. It’s never easy, one wants one thing and the other wants something different. Arguing ensues over who gets to use the sink, counter space is a know the drill. And let’s be honest, no one.

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We love kitchen remodeling.  

 It is the one room in the house that is used every single day AND can be seen from almost every space on the first floor.  Most clients spend many years thinking of their new kitchen before they even contact us.  Years and years of living in the old space teaches you what changes you must make to be happy.

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