TILE TILE TILE... Creating a Statement in your Downers Grove Home Remodel

Borders, Backsplashes, and Beyond

Adding a splash of Color to any room in the house with a tile border or accent wall can quickly update the home. Tile is one of the hottest trends in homes today.  Tile comes in thousands of choices, colors and styles. Glass tile can reflect the light and add a shimmer to your room. 

Kids are messy and destructive. Tiling an entire wall that has a lot of traffic makes keeping your home so much easier to keep clean, it can also add texture and visual interest to any room remodel. 


Maybe the kitchen wall paint has been washed so much, you are not sure if there is paint on that wall.
A backsplash not only is extremely practical in a kitchen it can be an art piece in your kitchen remodel as well. Tile is easily replaced. It is recyclable.  And it reduces heat in the kitchen. 

What feelings and style do you want to create? Why not make an ordinary builder-grade fireplace become the statement that is a focal point in any living room?  Tile that has the look of stone or brick certainly will give your fireplace a rustic feel. While tile that has the look of marble will create elegance and royalty. Check out some tile trends here


Is Pinterest your best friend? The Perfect Kitchen remodel, the best bathroom remodel, it does exist, and not just on the computer. You CAN have the beauty and elegance of hardwood flooring. I know you worry about the dog scratching them, or the upkeep of wear and tear and refinishing. Maybe it's the outdoor elements ruining the floor you are concerned with. Have you saved pictures of a marble floor, thinking "I hope my Christmas bonus is big"?  The solution is easier than you might think.  You can get that marble look, that old world appeal of stone or the classic beauty of wood, without the cost, work, or maintenance required.



Do you want texture, grain and colors that wood floors deliver with none of the work to maintain that beauty? With the beauty of wood floors and zero maintenance that is as tough as ceramic, faux wood tile floors answers all your needs.  Porcelain tile is easy to clean, doesn't require special care and resists scratches.  And Best yet, it usually doesn't cost as much. Your dream is a reality, have your cake and eat it too!!

Like whipped cream on top of your favorite dessert, check out this bonus. Porcelain tile is perfectly matched with radiant heat. Now when you wake up from your perfect dream your toes won't be cold on those wintery nights.

Start your plans now.. the cold weather is creeping up on us fast.



The regal appeal of marble or travertine floors, is all over your pins, saves and searches. Who wouldn't love the luxury of a stone entry way?  Porcelain tile is perfect at this masquerade, it can be your best kept secret.  Yes, porcelain tile has the look, without the expense. scratches stains,pits and chips are no longer a concern. A little soapy water and your new tile is shiny and clean.  Porcelain is touch durable and long lasting. Let your guests keep their shoes on and have no reason to yell at the kids to watch the floor. Call now and have the elegance of tile flooring, that accommodates your needs. 

When contemplating  tile as a choice in your home remodeling project, there are things to consider... glass tile as an accent on a full wall, the look of wood floors, the look of stone, larger tile and less grout, but don't limit this to the kitchen and the bathroom.