Trending Faucets and Finishes for your Aurora Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

Design Element

One thing I find so fascinating about the fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom is the instant feeling it can provoke from seeing, touching or listening to it. Have you ever walked into a bathroom and the faucet was hard to turn on or it was corroded and rusty looking, maybe it surprised you when the water splashed at you? Have you ever felt excited and happy when you turned on the new kitchen faucet at your neighbors house, and the water ran so nice and the faucet was easy to operate and it felt comfortable to hold? Yes I have been there and thought oh I need to remember this when I buy my new kitchen faucet. Today's fixtures are not just functional. They are unique and customizable to your specific needs.



Pick Out Something that Makes You Feel Good

A feeling can be associated to a particular type of finish. Such as...if you like things that are shiny and smooth, chrome will probably catch your eye. Now if you like texture, an oil rubbed finish that brings out a more rustic feel, might be perfect for you.  And finally if you go crazy with water spots a matte finish will keep the OCD moment away. The faucets are something you use and touch daily, don't you want it to make you feel good?    

"Aside from the shape and finish of the faucet, be sure to take into consideration the shape of your sink, look and color of your countertop, light fixtures and cabinetry to ensure that your faucet's finish complements the entire room, especially in your bathroom. Most homeowners and designers recommend choosing a suite of finishes for your bathroom fixtures. Almost every faucet manufacturer offers a wide range of collections for the bath and kitchen"- Here are some popular faucet trends. 

IMG_0060.jpg      IMG_0073_Joe_Censullos_conflicted_copy_2016-08-31.jpg

Whether you are adorning a prep sink, duel bathroom sinks, wet bar, powder room, shower stall or a main kitchen, there are a few choices.... Brass, Copper, Chrome, Nickel, Gold Plated, oil rubbed, matte or shiny finish come in every price range. The style and ambiance you are trying to create is equally important.  OIl rubbed can enhance that old world rustic appeal, while nickel gives a richer elegance.


Whats NEW? Contemporary and transitional sinks are gaining popularity. When browsing Houzz or DIY you will see the traditional style cabinets mixed with contemporary faucets and sinks. Check out the farm house sink with a contemporary pull out faucet, its showing up everywhere. Here's an example 

Here at J&J Contruction we get requests for the Undercounter mounted sinks the most. They seem to be the new norm. If you want to add some vintage flair try a bridge design faucet for your Kitchen remodel. What ever your choices are the quality of the product should be the most important. Check out, we have grown to love working with this brand.