Unlicensed "Contractors" Ruin the Fun for Everyone

landscape-1487699680-sean-mcgowan-bathroomIn 1992, Joe Censullo founded J&J Construction with the goal of reversing the negative experience so many people have with contractors. “When I quite my engineering job and started in the home-improvement industry, I saw that very unprofessional, inadequate ‘companies’ were servicing the remodeling business,” he says. “Truth be told, they were not actual companies, but rather small, unlicensed operations run by ex-carpenters who had absolutely no clue as to how to maintain a business. Projects started late and sat for days and weeks with no progress. Then finally, they would rush to finish. Even worse, through the whole ordeal, it was impossible to reach a live person if there was a problem or something needed to be changed. I couldn’t believe that homeowners would spend tens of thousands of dollars with firms that, quite frankly, were not qualified to mow their lawn. I knew something had to change in this industry.”

Over the past 26 years since its founding, J&J Construction has grown from a small one-man firm to one of the area’s largest and best-reviewed remodeling companies. How have we done this? By consistently implementing processes to complete your project on time, on budget, and, most importantly, completed to the level of quality you were promised.

Unfortunately, the shady, unethical practices of poorly trained and unlicensed contractors witnessed by our founder many years ago are still prevalent today. According to Bigger Pockets, “There are a LOT of unlicensed contractors out there. Anyone who can (or can’t!) swing a hammer can claim to be a contractor, but few are licensed to do so.” It can be easy to get roped in by their low-ball prices and claims of doing the same work for far less, but it is NEVER a good idea to hire an unlicensed contractor.

We honestly feel (as do the people we do work for) that if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a remodeling project, you should choose a company who can provide not just the construction aspect, but the entire package: design, coordination, management, construction, completion, follow-up, and service—not to mention the peace of mind that you’re getting all this without the inherent risk you’d be taking on by “gambling” with an unlicensed contractor.

One of the first principles of gambling is you should never take a risk you can’t afford to lose. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is just that, gambling. Any contractor who isn’t licensed brings a “losing bet” to your hand. In other words, you take 100% of the risk, and that could mean you risk losing everything. Nothing is worth that bet! Look at it this way: Would you even think about entrusting your health to an unlicensed doctor? Or entrust your financial investments with an unlicensed stock broker? Surely not. So why risk hiring an unlicensed contractor and jeopardize your hard-earned cash, or worse, the safety of your home and family? Hiring an unlicensed contractor is just not worth the throw of the dice.

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