What Do When Your Remodeling Project Goes Awry

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If you or anyone you know has ever taken on a home renovation project, you know one thing to be true: They can often be expensive, stressful, time-consuming, and extremely unpredictable. We’ve all heard horror stories of renovation projects gone awry—going way over the original estimated time and budget, or hitting other major roadblocks that create a host of unforeseen problems and added stress for homeowners.


pdetphotography-jandjconstruction-michener-stcharles  (15)At J&J Construction, part of our core mission is to change the negative experiences, perceptions, and connotations that so many people associate with contractors and home remodeling projects. “When I quit my engineering job and started in the home-improvement industry, I saw that very unprofessional, inadequate ‘companies’ were servicing the remodeling business,” says J&J Construction’s founder, Joe Censullo. “Projects started late and sat for days and weeks with no progress. Then finally, they would rush to finish. Even worse, through the whole ordeal, it was impossible to reach a live person if there was a problem or something needed to be changed. I knew something had to change in this industry.”

Unfortunately, these kinds of unlicensed, unprofessional, unreliable, poorly trained, or otherwise “bad” contractors our founder encountered many years ago are still rampant throughout the industry today. According to Bigger Pockets, “There are a LOT of unlicensed contractors out there. Anyone who can (or can’t!) swing a hammer can claim to be a contractor, but few are licensed to do so.” It can be easy to get roped in by their low-ball prices and claims of doing the same work for far less, but it is NEVER a good idea to hire an unlicensed contractor.

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Of course, even if you’ve done your homework and made sure to hire a reputable, high-quality contractor/company, the complex and unpredictable nature of major home renovation projects often makes it tough ti avoid any snags along the way completely. So, what do you do when your remodeling project goes awry? The most important advice we can give you in this situation—and in fact, it rings true across the board for home renovation projects—is this: communicate, communicate, communicate.

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pdetphotography-jandjconstruction-2203-wicklow-naperville (16)Having open, honest, and established good communication practices between homeowners and contractors is the absolute best way to prevent your project from going south, and to navigate murky waters should any issues arise. That’s why finding a contractor that you feel comfortable with—someone you can trust and whose general personality and communication style fits well with yours—is so important.

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While home remodeling projects can often be stressful, if you work with your contractors to establish good communication throughout the process, you’re much more likely to come out the other side feeling happy and satisfied with the results.


With J&J Construction, you can rest assured your project is in the right hands. J&J has always been committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering high-quality work in a timely, affordable manner. We love making people’s home improvement dreams come true—and we’re committed to always live up to our core values and our promise to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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